Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy B'day to Me!


Me around age 3 or 4 - posing for my Poppy - my personal photographer!

Decided to share this with y'all as I seem to be on a roller coaster of emotions on this birthday - I was fine - even happy about my b'day until it hit midnight and then I seem to be a bit melancholy - my family is 3,000 miles away on the East coast and I really hate being so far away - I do have plans to meet friends tomorrow for a late lunch and then we're walking across the street to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) to spend the afternoon - the weather is supposed to be beautiful so it should be fun - but ... I find myself seeing the years slip by more quickly with each passing year - I don't look my age (or act it either - according to some) and feel like I'm in my 30's but in reality haven't seen 30's or 40's or more for many years - I was reading Misty Mawn's blog and she was lamenting that she was leaving 32 behind - and I was thinking how great it would be t to be 33 again! I guess it's all relative - don't get me wrong - I'm happy and grateful to be alive and healthy and have good friends and my sobriety and my art and all of you out there that I have come to cherish - but as I get older, I find myself wishing there was more time - and wishing that I had a special someone in my life to share that time with - I have been told that happens in G-d's time and that I have to be patient - Love comes when we are not looking - so for all of you who are in loving committed relationships - hug your partner and remember to say you love them - you are truly blessed!

Always the "fashionista" - even at this young age! Note the purse which I insisted on taking to the zoo in Washington, D.C. Still a sucker for a good bag.

So - as any true Aries will tell you - moods pass quickly in our world - and now that I've blogged about what I'm feeling - this too has passed and I'm back to my old happy me - must be time to go to bed (what?! before 2 am?) -

Elvis on his favorite perch. Thank you! Thank you very much - just TKB!

I'm off to give Elvis his insulin shot -

Vinnie - age 17 - also known as Vincenzo - Vin Man - Voodie and Monkey Mouse ....

remind Vinnie - my toothless wonder - where his water bowl is - he has kitty- dementia -

Me ... back in the day... doing a Steisand impersonation - don't ask!

and know that when I wake in the morning all will be bright and sunny for me and I hope for you as well -