Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Creativity Awakened

This weekend I had the distinct pleasure to take yet one more class from the fabulous Kelly Kilmer at Stampin'from the Heart in Culver City. I know she'll get totally embarrassed when she reads this, but I have to say it. I have taken more than eight or nine classes from Kelly. She is the most generous and giving teacher. She teaches with no judgment and encourages each student in their work in a way that makes you feel like you are taking a private class with her.

In this particular class I had an epiphany about my creativity and my art. As we quickly slapped paint on the pages of the folded book, I realized that I was feeling confident, creative and knowledgeable about what I was doing. I no longer was comparing my work with anyone else in the class. I was focused and enthusiastic about what I was creating. And my work felt perfect, just as it was. I don't mean that in a conceited way, but coming from a place of being "in the zone". I don't know when this shift happened for me, but in that room, surrounded by like minded women and a supportive, encouraging teacher, I felt good about my work and about myself. What a wonderful place to be. So, thank you, Kelly! Without your guidance and friendship I would not have had this chance to discover these things about myself.


Kelly Kilmer said...

awww shucks....

I'm so glad you've got your art groove on Reva ;)

Congrats congrats on so many things!!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

Marrianna said...

Thank you for posting about Kelly's class. I'm taking her Thurs. night class at AU and really looking forward to it. She often teaches in Scottsdale usually when I'm unable to drive down. See you soon at AU 2008.