Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Something New - Monoprint Class Results

Monday night I had the opportunity to take a class with Tally Oliveau at VIVA Gallery in Sherman Oaks.

I met Tally in Juliana Coles class that was taught at Carol Parks Studio in March. Tally has a wonderful greeting card line that can be found at Whole Foods and other places. The class interested me because it was a technique class advertised as monoprint making using gelatin.

Tally is a wonderful teacher and the class proved to be both fun and informative. I met several new artists in the class including a woman who was visiting from Utah and got to re-visit with Julie Molina who I met at this year's Art Unraveled.

I didn't bring any paper to print on but found some discarded papers from the architect who rents space in the building. Tally suggested that I use that paper and really liked the results.

You can see the architectual plots peaking thru the prints I made.

Tally is into using found and natural objects and provided the class with lots of leaves, grasses, etc. to use in our monoprints.

One of the things that became problematic for me was that my gelatin began to melt and absorbed my paints. So rather than throw it away I applied paint to my paper with a brayer and stuck the leaves in the paper to get some interesting results.

This was so much fun. I will definitely try this again at home. Thanks, Tally!


Shoshanah said...

very cool -- i love how they turned out!

btw, if you can score any extra paper, grey would love some. he's been obsessed with blueprints this summer. : )

Tally O said...

Thanks for the shout out Reva! your blog is great and is now added on my favorites.

Max said...

Hi, I see the star, you are looking great all flashy like that! Just looking at the work you have been doing and the classes you have taken is very impressive. You are so lucky. Especially the one with the metals. Congratulations on placing in the show - can't remember which one. It was so nice to get to know you a little better through your blog especially since we are Fatty, Fatty sisters (laughter). Can't wait to get the book. See you again and Ta Ta For No (TTFN)