Saturday, October 25, 2008

20th International Sketchcrawl Day!

Meant to post this earlier but .... anyway today is the 20th International Sketchcrawl Day - Oct 25th - in case you're not familiar with this event - here's the site - but basically the idea is that on this day people all over the world either gather together at a location in their town and sketch or go out on your own and sketch - there are no rules - anyone can participate - sketch for 20 minutes at one location or spend the day traveling to several locations - any level - from beginner to professional - any age - from kids to seniors - The cool thing about this is that as you are out and about sketching know that people from all over the world - literally - are doing the same thing (be sure to check out the forum on the site to see what others are doing on this day all over the world) - it's such a simple but wonderful idea - would love to hear from anyone who goes out and participates today and let us see what you've sketched - have a wonderful day! and a special thank you and shout out to the founder and creator of Sketchcrawl - Enrico Caruso (that's his logo at the opening of this post) - such a simple but joyful and inclusive idea - if only more people in the world thought this way - artists rule!

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papermoon goddess said...

Sketching is a great form of "artist meditation",a way to focus firmly in the present moment. I love your blog and am putting it on my blog roll. Thanks