Sunday, February 22, 2009

And the Winner Is....

Elvis (age 15) perched on his favorite post awaiting instructions to 'paw' the winner in case there's a tie vote.

Then Vinnie woke up - he's 17 and mostly sleeps all day ... he wanted in on the action...He was overheard saying, "I'm old but I'm still cute!"

Thanks to the 32 women who posted guesses on my Oscar give-away post - there was a 3-way tie - but before I begin the drum roll and give you the results - here's how the voting went down -

Art Direction:
The Duchess - 6
Dark Knight - 15
Benjamin Button (Winner) 6
Revolutionary Road - 4
Changeling 1

The Duchess (Winner) 15
Benjamin Button 8
Australia 9

After waiting patiently for about 5 minutes - it all got to be too long a wait - and it was back to snoozing for Ol' Vincenzo Vinnie Boy!

Okay - start the drum roll - three people guessed both winners correctly - Benjamin Button (Art Director) and The Duchess (Costume) - they were Sharon (from the Netherlands), Linda Lou and Biscuit1 - Linda - so I put all three names in a bowl and had the lovely 'Elvis' paw the winner - (He also decided it was a treat and promptly chewed it!) a little wet and chewy the winner is 'bisquit1 - Linda' - CONGRATULATIONS! could you e-mail me privately at - and give me your snail mail address so I can send your winning packet -

So, did I do good? Huh? Did I...? No more Paparazzi, speak to my agent and press people for the correct spelling of my name.... :)

Sigh...back to what I do best .... until my agent gets me another gig ... oh, btw, now that I have a following, I only work for treats!

Thanks to everyone who played - hope you enjoyed the Oscars - I personally thought it was one of the best ever - well produced and different from the usual boring award shows - and I must say that I am personally thrilled that Sean Penn won best actor for portraying Harvey Milk in Milk and was able to speak up for equality on a public forum - (my 2nd choice was Mickey Rourke) - have a good evening and stay tuned to my blog for future give-aways - this was fun!


Aimeslee said...

hi reva. i'm new at julianas yahoo ej group and am visiting your blog. i'm the daughter of a retired college drama instructor (he had one student that has made a living acting, blue deckert, do you know of him?). so the oscars have been an annual event for me my entire life. i did think they were entertaining this year. i thought the way they changed the 4 acting awards to bring in 5 former winners to introduce the nominess was brilliant. really enjoyed that.


jazworks said...

Congrats to the lucky winner!! Fun indeed! Thanks for sharing in the hollywood hooplala for all of us to enjoy! Liked the oscars this year, especially the song and dance numbers, the tributes and the previous 5 men and women oscar winners who presented the best actor/actress awards. Wish I had seen some of the movies that were nominated. Just saw dark knight. But, look forward to seeing some of the others now. Never too late. Thanks again!

Alma Stoller: I Heart Zines said...

Hi Reva,

Your cats are just too cute.


Jew Wishes said...

Just look at those expressions! Priceless.

Connie said...

Hi Reva! Thanks for commenting on my blog! ..that would be great if you could go see Jill's movie - but if not - well...that's the biz! I enjoyed reading both of your blogs....your recollections of your "Poppy" was beautiful. I live in hawaii but I come to the mainland a few times a year to work and keep my pension plan growing....