Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy B'day to Me!


Me around age 3 or 4 - posing for my Poppy - my personal photographer!

Decided to share this with y'all as I seem to be on a roller coaster of emotions on this birthday - I was fine - even happy about my b'day until it hit midnight and then I seem to be a bit melancholy - my family is 3,000 miles away on the East coast and I really hate being so far away - I do have plans to meet friends tomorrow for a late lunch and then we're walking across the street to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) to spend the afternoon - the weather is supposed to be beautiful so it should be fun - but ... I find myself seeing the years slip by more quickly with each passing year - I don't look my age (or act it either - according to some) and feel like I'm in my 30's but in reality haven't seen 30's or 40's or more for many years - I was reading Misty Mawn's blog and she was lamenting that she was leaving 32 behind - and I was thinking how great it would be t to be 33 again! I guess it's all relative - don't get me wrong - I'm happy and grateful to be alive and healthy and have good friends and my sobriety and my art and all of you out there that I have come to cherish - but as I get older, I find myself wishing there was more time - and wishing that I had a special someone in my life to share that time with - I have been told that happens in G-d's time and that I have to be patient - Love comes when we are not looking - so for all of you who are in loving committed relationships - hug your partner and remember to say you love them - you are truly blessed!

Always the "fashionista" - even at this young age! Note the purse which I insisted on taking to the zoo in Washington, D.C. Still a sucker for a good bag.

So - as any true Aries will tell you - moods pass quickly in our world - and now that I've blogged about what I'm feeling - this too has passed and I'm back to my old happy me - must be time to go to bed (what?! before 2 am?) -

Elvis on his favorite perch. Thank you! Thank you very much - just TKB!

I'm off to give Elvis his insulin shot -

Vinnie - age 17 - also known as Vincenzo - Vin Man - Voodie and Monkey Mouse ....

remind Vinnie - my toothless wonder - where his water bowl is - he has kitty- dementia -

Me ... back in the day... doing a Steisand impersonation - don't ask!

and know that when I wake in the morning all will be bright and sunny for me and I hope for you as well -


Jew Wishes said...

Happy, happy birthday to you!

I understand the bit of melancholy, and how you feel so removed from your family.

Your creative spirit is something I truly admire. And, your being young in heart and mind will keep you youthful, no matter your physical age.

I love the photos.

Have a good day!

~~Lorri/Jew Wishes

Angie in AZ said...

Happy Birthday girlfriend! Hope you have a wonderful lunch with friends. And boy, were you such a cutie as a child! Great pictures and still that great smile!

Are you coming to AU this year? What are you taking?

Jill Zaheer said...

Dear Reva,
Sending birthday wishes for your special day,
And hope all your dreams may come your way.
For it's a celebration of joy to honor yourself
Your very being, your self; that which is your soulful wealth.
I'm taking this journey along side you
And know that people are thinking of you- yes, it's really true!!
All the best for today and always!
Jill in NY

Kelly Kilmer said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Reva!! I hope that it is a most wonderful wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!

carolk said...

Happy Birthday- How great that you are going to the Museum with friends. That is always such a great source of inspiration!!! Life does seem to move quickly- and I know what you mean about contemplating these past decades- as I approoach 50 I really can't believe it. Only when I look in the mirror am I reminded (okay when I get up in the morning and feel so stiff!!!)

Enjoy yourself no matter what-it's all you have!!!
Thanks for commenting on my blog-I appreceiate the lookylous. CarolK.

Laurel said...

Happy Birthday, dear Reva - I'm right there with you in so many ways!
see you soon!

crimsoncat05 said...

happy belated birthday wishes, Reva! I understand about the mixed feelings- being so far away from my family, too, I've come to appreciate the "family" of friends I've created for myself, as well as having a better appreciation for all those memories I have of growing up with my family. (and I love the photo of you with the stylish bag!!)

Jew Wishes said...

That is a heart-warming story, and thank you for sharing it with me on my website.

Yes, I can relate to the distance from your family. My daughter in CA, my son in Japan, my other son in MO.

It's difficult, I know...

I sent you an email.

Carla Sonheim said...

These childhood photos are so beautiful, Reva!! What a lovely face!!