Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2

Started my day watching the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena - my friend Teresa took this photo of the Girl Scout float celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouts - I was a Brownie and Girl Scout and my Mom was always our leader back in the Washington, D.C. area where I grew up - I was able to donate $5 each and they put my Mom's and my name on one of the little viles that are holding each of those yellow roses - my Mom (who's recouping in rehab from a fall) was thrilled when I told her  - I thought it was pretty cool myself! Still have my uniforms and my badge sash - it was in Girl Scouts that I first explored visual art!

Spending this day off re-grouping - with my Mom's fall and dealing with all the medical personnel long-distance for the month of December, I wasn't able to prep for the new year - so taking today to make plans and do as much as I can so I don't feel the overwhelm of the year moving on without me ready that is sure to take over the rest of the week - that's how my head works!

Signed up for a wonderful year long project online - free - called Book of Days - you can still sign up - going to prep my book tonite and jump in -

Also participating in the Sketchbook Project (2012) again - thru Art House Co-op - of course I haven't done one sketch but have all month and will jump into that as well -

Am also getting my pages ready for the Fat Book technique project at Art Unraveled 2012 - that will be auctioned off at the Conference in August - if you've never been - check it out - this year will be their 10th anniversary and having attended for many years, I can tell you it's worth every penny!

Brainstorming with ideas for places I can teach - both online and in-person - if you know of any please feel free to share with me - as well as places I can sell my art -

Off to get things  in order and continue on my day ... hope you too are getting ready for a great year ahead!


Jill Zaheer said...

Hi there and happy new year!! I had been a 4-H girl all my life but can appreciate your girl scout allegiance. Do hope your mom is improving. You've got your hands into so much this year! Keep up the momentum as best you can- and when there seems to be not enough time, just do what you can and smile!! Sending heaps of energies and ideas for you- mail art, collages, complementary color schemes, layering, textures, geometric shaped designs with words in between- poetry and pictures, small journal books made with one center tie on the side seam- just brainstorming. hugs, jill

E Makes Art said...

Hi Reva! So nice to hear from you. I've been meaning to send you a message telling you about my post that's about the opening, but life got quite hectic these last few weeks. Glad you saw it though. I'm so happy that you still love the art piece! That was one of my favorites out of that set, so I'm thrilled that it found a nice home with someone who appreciates it!

I love the encaustic piece I bought. Yes, please tell Connie. I actually found her blog and left a comment on it letting her know I bought that piece, but I don't know if she saw the comment. I'm so glad one of yours sold too!! I'm curious as to which one. Congrats on that!

I'm glad you enjoyed the post... and my husbands sense of humor. We got a good laugh out of it too!

It was very nice to meet you, and thanks again for being one of my very first non-family/friend buyers! Hopefully you helped get the ball rolling for many more to come! I wish you the best with your art too. I'd love to keep in touch.

Big hugs back to you!
Esther Orloff

E Makes Art said...

Hi! I tried leaving you a comment last week, but I don't think it went through, so I'm trying again. Here goes...

It was so nice meeting you! I'm so happy that you liked my post and photos about the show, and even more happy that you like my art! I'm so pleased that my "Pinned" piece found a good home where it is appreciated. To me it's a huge compliment that another artist appreciates my work. I love Connie's piece that I bought. Please do tell her that I bought it. I left her a message on her blog saying so, but never heard back so I don't know if she saw the comment. I'm so happy that one of your pieces sold too! Yay! Can I ask which one?

Thank you for the big wonderful comment on my blog, and again for buying and appreciating my art! I wish you the best and hope to be in touch.

Happy Creating!
xoEsther Orloff