Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Excitement on Gardner Street

This afternoon at about 2pm I heard an unusual amount of fire sirens - we always have some since there is a firehouse on our street. I stepped out on my terrace and could see a couple of trucks parked in front of the apartment next door. Couldn't see any smoke so went downstairs to get my mail. When I looked out the front door of the building I saw eight firetrucks lined up in front of our building with tons of firefighters everywhere. Next door on the north side of my building - also owned by the man who owns our building - were ladders going up to the roof and firefighters going up there with axes and fire hoses.

I found out from one of the firefighters that they got a 911 call that apartment #10 was on fire on the second floor (the top floor). No one was home but there were three pets inside - all rescued safely. They had to cut a hole in the roof - brand new only six months ago - and entered the apartment that way. No other apartments were damaged. All very disturbing - thankful that we were safe and that the weather has cooled down and the humidity is up unlike the weather a couple of weeks ago when the Malibu fires started.

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