Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Gift of Life...

The Getty Museum - Los Angeles

It has been brought home to me in the past few days and weeks how precious life is. We often don't take the time to stop and think about what a gift we have - no matter how rich or how poor in material things. The natural course of events of being born, living life to the fullest, and then in the decllining years eventually dying. That's how it's supposed to be. But for some of us obstacles are placed in our path and we are given choices about what to do with these challenges. There is always hope, unless we give up. Life might not look like we had dreamed it would, but with any action - no matter how small - we can change the course of events. When we choose to do nothing when a challenge is presented to us, there is no hope. I also believe that we can't do life alone. We must reach out and connect with others. Sometimes that is difficult but it is my experience that choosing to isolate, not ask for help, or to believe that something will happen to change our situation, if we only wish hard enough, is living in fantasy. Not letting go of pride and saving face, only leaves us lonely, sick and without hope. By reaching out, being willing to be willing, and getting humble sets the stage for change. We are telling the universe that we are willing to do our part - whatever that is and however how small - to move forward in our lives. Things begin to change when we take action - any action. But when we don't, we stay stuck. Solutions seem illusive or non-existant. People don't want to be around us. We project our depression and lack of motivation and mostly lack of hope.

Flowering plants on my terrace

Lately I have had older family members presented with health challenges. Never did they ever say, "poor me" and give up. They met their challenges head on and rose to the occassion doing whatever it takes to move forward. Their friends rallied around them, helped however they could, as did their families. And these are people who are eighty and above in age but never once gave up. They still have hope. They are inspirational.



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