Monday, February 11, 2008

Wish List Workshop in NoHo

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Southern California and the perfect day to be at the beach or hiking in the hills - but a few talented women showed up in the San Fernando Valley at Many Paths Bookstore for my Valentine to Yourself - Wish List Workshop - We created a list of things we want to do in our lifetime (an ongoing list) and then chose three things to focus on and make an action plan to begin making them happen -

Then came the fun part of the workshop - we designed and created paper bag journals - and incorporated our wish lists into the journal - some put their lists on tags in pockets in the books and others added lists - Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves - and I got great feedback saying the Wish List plus the action plan was something they would not have done on their own - Thanks to Lorraine, Anna, Joan and Robin for coming out to play with me! I will be teaching another workshop at the bookstore in April date tba - My workshops combine my creative coaching with art - and I'm available to teach in private homes, churches, synagogues, or through clubs or organizations - please contact me if you would like to discuss booking my workshops for you and your friends or your organization -

Enjoy the photos from my workshop - Remember - don't wait for someone else to give you flowers or a valentine - give them to yourself - you deserve it!

Robin's Book

Joan's Book

Anna's Book

Lorraine's Book


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The Yellow Door Paperie said...

This seems like a great time to be with girlfriends. I love all the books but Joan's book strikes a cord with me. Love all the pockets and pieces with the drycleaner tags too! Thanks for posting it!