Tuesday, July 29, 2008

2nd post today - LA Rock 'n Roll

At 11:42 am my apartment began to sway back and forth for a full 30 seconds that felt like more - found out we had a 5.4 earthquake - all the pictures in my apartment were turned sideways - cupboards opened and only one sculpture on the top of a bookcase fell off the shelf but fell on carpeting so didn't break! Lots and lots of aftershocks but I'll take them rather than a hurricane or tornado! Just wanted everyone to know that we are safe-


Kelly Kilmer said...

My attitude was if I wanted to go on a roller coaster ride, I'd be at 6 Flags and NOT in my living room in my bleepin' bathrobe!!!!! ACK!!!!

Long Black Eyelahes said...

I Love your art! I love how you referred to AU as ART CAMP! That is how i will describe it from now on to those who dont get it. Looking forward to your speech at AU! It is coming super fast now! Yippee! Angelica