Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

Art Unraveled 2008 Tag Book Cover (made from mini-checker board)

Have you ever noticed how time can play tricks on us? When we're sitting, waiting, anticipating something that we are looking forward to happening, an event, a trip, seeing a loved one, etc., the clock seems to move so slowly almost in slow motion. It seems like the day will never arrive - almost as if there are more hours in the day. But, when we have a deadline or so much to do before the appointed date, the clock seems to speed up, almost as if there are less than twenty-four hours in the day! That's exactly what's been happening with me as I anticipate attending a full week of Art Unraveled 2008 for the first time. Up until Monday, the event seemed so far away, like the day would never arrive when I would get on that plane with all my stuff to fly the short trip to Phoenix. But somehow when Monday arrived, as if on cue, the clock sped up and here it is Thursday and I am feeling overwhelmed with all that needs to get done before I leave. I'll spare you the specific items on my long, long list, but the feelings are those of overwhelm, stress, nervousness, and stagnation. So I'm writing this down so I can turn those things into positives.

Someone much wiser than myself, once told me that sometimes I confuse fear and excitement. That the energy expended for both is the same. And when I look at myself today as I'm in that place of overwhelm that causes me to be paralyzed and not be able to do anything on my list, I think of those wise words. So instead of focusing on the negative thoughts that are spinning in my head, I am choosing to look at the ones that are sitting quietly waiting for me to notice them. They are excitement and anticipation and joy and laughter and friendships and learning and creativity and more...I believe that what energies and thoughts we put out into the world, are what we get back.

So I resolve to let go of the negative thoughts and to focus on the positive ones. I will label my feelings as excitement and let fear sit alone with no place in my head and my heart as the days go by, not with less hours, but the same twenty-four as I know intellectually are there. I create my own reality and must not let all those negative thoughts take over. So here I go - taking my long list in hand - looking forward to crossing things off one by one getting ready for my trip that I have worked so hard to save for and learn skills all year for and create my own art to share with others. I'm excited and can't wait to step off the plane in 100 plus temperature to greet old and new friends who all are there as artists, and that is a very exciting thing! Make it a great day!

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