Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My First Art Portfolio for AU 2008

Detail Close up - "Rabbi's Wedding" - mixed media - acrylic on canvas

Detail - Close Up - "Rabbi's Wedding" - paper cranes from wedding incorporated in art piece

Top panel from "Freedom Banner" (paper, crackle paint, stamps/ink)

Trying to be organized in my efforts to get ready to go to Art Unraveled 2008 - but the to-do list grows longer and the days grow shorter - Realized that I had not gathered my art work to display at Meet the Artists - I am honored to be able to have a table with the other instructors/artists on the first night after my kick off speech - as I looked through my work I realized that my favorite and best pieces were given away as gifts - but luckily I have lots of photos of each - so decided to print out 8 1/2 x 11 glossy photo prints and create a portfolio to display along with works-in-progress and completed projects - as it usually happens things take longer than I plan - and wow! printing large color photos takes up lots and lots of ink - had to go up to Staples to get another color cartridge - I know it would have been cheaper to burn a disc and take it to Kinko's but time is a factor so I made the judgment call to do it myself -

Page from handmade book - Kelly Kilmer's Class - work-in-progress

I look at going to Art Unraveled 2008 like going away to art camp - some folks are lucky enough to be able to just sign up with no worries about the money factor - but I actually set up a special AU 2008 to save all year to attend - so I want to make the most of my time there - I'm taking lots of classes and pushing myself to take classes that "scare" me - I want to stretch myself and grow in my art skills - a few years ago I wouldn't have been willing to try things that seemed difficult or out of my capabilities - today I am able to step outside of my comfort zone and try - I give myself permission to just show up and not have to do things perfectly - to put myself in the "student/learning" mode - I find it allows me to actually have fun in class - what a concept! :)

Three from my "Faces" illustration portfolio - Tombo markers

So here are the classes I'm taking - to check out the artists/instructors - go to www.artunraveled.com and click on the artists -




DRAWING BLAST– Carla Sonheim

VINTAGE METAL DECK – Leighanna Light

DRAWING OUT INNER ARTIST (controlled chaos) – Raina Gentry


Please respect my art - all art the property of the artist Reva Solomon and not to be copied without permission. Thank you!


Michi, Orange County, CA said...

Hi Reva!

I LOVE what you did with the Origami cranes . . . I have been making Origami cranes since I was a child, but never would have thought of making them with such vivid printed paper!! I LOVE it!

I am SO green with envy that you're going to ART UNRAVELED 2008!!!! Have a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL time! I really liked what you said about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone . . . you are a courageous gal . . . I need to be more like that! THANK YOU for sharing!!!!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Mucho cool!!! See you soon. You will wow 'em as an opening speaker!!! :)
I'll be there in spirit ;)

M said...

Hi Reva,

Looks like we'll be in Anne G's class on Monday. Wow! Just read your post about the earthquake and then they reported it on the news. Good to hear that you're well. Look forward to meeting you.


May Terry said...

Nice work! "Freedom" is my favorite. Have fun at Art Unraveled!